Business needs are increasingly demanding due to the high volume of data that is generated and the need for interconnection between shop floor and independent elements that also play an important role in the knowledge and integration of production processes and that, integrated with financial modules, allow real intelligence about the business.

From the ACI GROUP, taking advantage of our deep industrial and energy knowledge, we are focused on making Digitalization the best partner to maximize the capabilities and performance of our customers and thereby improve flexibility, efficiency and recovery from unforeseen situations.


Industrial IoT

Big Data

Business Intelligence

Machine Learning

Predictive Maintenance


Simple and consolidated formulas that allow the calculation of key performance indicators to monitor the efficiency of production and find the key areas for improvement.


Only with research and development it is possible to move forward. This is a vital part to manage all the knowledge and activities that make innovation and development a business habit.


The Laboratory Information Management System allows you to manage laboratory data and associate them effectively to improve laboratory efficiency.

Process Monitoring and Cloud Data Management


Manufacturing Execution Systems based on the ISA S95 Standard that provides diverse capacities and allows optimal utilization with high quality production at low cost.


Manufacturing Operation Management provides a holistic view of the production process to achieve maximum quality and efficiency in the plants. Complete digitization of the manufacturing operation.


The definition of performance indicators allows for the necessary follow-up to guarantee compliance with the established objectives.



  • Development of Information Systems and databases
  • Design, development and implementation of digitalization projects
  • Implementation of Siemens Solution Software
  • Manufacturing Operation Management
  • Support and After-Sales Service